Why it’s important to be kind, compassionate and positive

We are a product of our own patterns.

Think about the way you live your life. You have trained yourself through repetition to act and behave in the way you do. You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, take a shower, and get dressed. This isn’t because these actions are something you are supposed to do, but rather your body’s way of learning behaviors and turning them into patterns after repeated circumstantial actions.

The way many people choose to begin their mornings in our Western culture is no different than the way we treat others. You have trained yourself to believe, feel, or act in the ways that you do.

So when you think negatively, preach ignorance, and act unkind toward others, you create a pattern in your life that not only leads you to live life in an unproductive and cynical way, but also has immense potential to create negative patterns in the lives of the people you interact with, whether it be through direct or indirect interactions.

Every single experience, every person, every interaction and every thought humans have been exposed to during our existence has had a say in what we have become today.

So when you act in ways that negatively effect others, you have effect on an intricate web of individuals on Earth, as well as future being that have yet to wake up one day on this organic spaceship. 

Who you are as a person is what you choose to deem an acceptable way of life. What you think you are, you become. There will surely be infinite amounts of encounters, physical or mental that a person may endure. We must as a species practice creating positive patterns, and dismiss the negative energies that are being brought into our lives. The more positive patterns that exist, the more negative patterns will be eradicated.

Eventually, what we strive for, is a species which is so in tune with themselves and each other that we live our lives with a sense of utmost appreciation and “oneness”.

Find yourself through practicing positive patterns. Your patterns will immediately begin spreading positivity throughout human consciousness, whether you are asleep to that fact or not.

In fact, your patterns have been spreading a mixture of positivity and negativity ever since you came into being. 

On the day of your birth, a body woke up. It is our responsibility to, as a species, wake up our minds as well as our bodies. In between these two junctures lies a history of oppression, lies and mistreatment. But in this time between our two births, lies also a history of love, peace, and kindness. 

Humanity as a whole has yet to reach this birth of the mind. Many people have died without even coming close. But the more people who work toward creating these positive patterns, the closer we will become to achieving the aforementioned feeling of “oneness” 
Educate yourself, practice compassion and spread your positivity to others. Act as an enzyme to create a healthy world, not as a virus that slowly brings it to it’s death. 

The world is what we make of it. Make your patterns and ways of life positive, and eventually our way of life will be positive. Make your patterns negative, and eventually our way of life will be negative. 

It’s up to us. Always has been.  


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